SSS Tempo XT Piezo
Programmable Air Care
Dispenser, 6/Cs.

Product #: SSS 08902


Inside of the dispenser, a ceramic piezo disc vibrates as electricity passes through. This propels the ultra ?ne TEMPO REFILL particles into the room. The particles are only one micron in size and will stay airborne up to two hours.

The TRIPLE S TEMPO AIR CARE SYSTEM uses safer chemical formulations than traditional aerosol sprays, with lower, no added VOCs, no metal cans, refills are recyclable, no isobutane or acetone.

Fully-programmable dispenser permits customized start and stop options. LED clock is set to 24-hour military time to ensure accuracy, and may be programmed for 5 or 7 day service. Spray intervals may be set from 1 to 60 per hour, allowing more controlled use of the product. Spray covers up to 18,000 cu. ft. Dispenser operates on 3 AA batteries. Choose from four indulgent fragrances that last up to 90 days.

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