SSS Sterling Select 8" Mechanical Towel Dispenser

SSS Sterling Select 8"
Mechanical Towel Dispenser

Product #: SSS 76104


Improve the look and performance of your hand towel dispenser with this mechanical hands free system. The large opaque window is an excellent way to provide messaging to your employees, customers or visitors. An extra-long paper tail reduces tabbing - eliminating those torn pieces of paper on your bathroom floor. Mechanical systems require no batteries and eliminate unnecessary recurring costs and the complications of battery disposal. An economical and hygienic solution that is good for the environment.

• Reduced Tabbing – Long paper tail and low pull force reduces paper tabbing.
• Advertising Window – Communicate important messages with the unique window.
• Sanitary - Hands Free – Exposed paper eliminates levers or push bars that can cross-contaminate.
• No Batteries Required – Mechanical system eliminates batteries & costly battery disposal.

***For use only with Sterling Select Towel products***

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